VIDEO: Ellyn Marsh as Tina Fey, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Gerald Caesar and More Take on MEAN GIRLS in

Amidst the pandemic, Ben Bogen and Joe Hornberger have written a new hilarious 'The Office'-esque video.

Ellyn Marsh appears as the iconic comedian Tina Fey, as well as Hornberger portraying all three of the North Shore high "plastics."

The video is about a fictional rehearsal scenario where Mean Girls reopens under extreme CDC guidelines due to schools re-opening prematurely in the age of COVID-19.

The comedy sketch was initially inspired by Hornberger's viral Instagram video created during the quarantine, featuring him as all three plastics in drag, telling everyone to wash their hands and stay safe.

The videography/editing was done by Pierre Marais with direction by Marais, Hornberger, and Bogen.

The video includes Broadway performers such as Ellyn Marsh, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Gerald Caesar, Ben Bogen, Joe Hornberger, T.J. Newton, Shanel Bailey, Delphi Borich, Devon Hadsell, Gianna Yanelli, Markcus Blair, and Kimberlee M.

Check it out!