Actor Therapy at 54 Below!

ACTOR THERAPY goes Feinstein’s/54 Below! Hosted by award-winning composer-lyricist Ryan Scott Oliver (35mm, Darling) and Broadway actress Lindsay Mendez (Carousel, Significant Other, Wicked), ACTOR THERAPY is a series of masterclasses for performers looking to improve their auditions, build a better book, and expand their understanding of what it means to be an actor and song interpreter in New York today. Join Ryan Scott Oliver, Lindsay Mendez, and their cast of talented performers as they celebrate the alumni of this memorable program!

Featuring: Emmy Albritton, Emerson Boatwright, Cody Boehm, Katharine Bragg, Noah Carniello, Lindsay Gitter, Joe Hornberger, Allison Huber, Kira Leiva, Tara Mazur, Alex Pagnozzi. Carrie Swan, Cassie Rea, Gabi Rivera, and Donté Wilder.

Hosted by Mathieu Whitman